Maundy Thursday

Set aside some time to worship at home--like the early Christians did. We invite you to gather with your household around the dinner table--just as Christ gathered with his disciples. Below you'll find a recording of a sermon from Rev. Dr. Robin K. Brown and the hymn of the day, Where Charity and Love Prevail.

identify a location for your worship space; the family dinner table is an ideal location: a place where we already assemble and a place where we receive our daily bread. You may want to adorn it with a scarlet or white tablecloth to match the solemnity of Maundy Thursday. If you plan to include foot- or hand-washing in your worship (optional but encouraged; although should be abstained from if a member of your household is symptomatic or has potentially been exposed), you'll need to gather a basin, a bowl or pitcher, and towels.

Direct your attention to where you'll find a suggested order of service and some other information to consider, such as hymn suggestions. If you do not feel musically inclined, consider reading the hymn texts aloud. No hymnal? You may be able to find copies of hymn texts or settings at a website like For two easily learned hymns, consider Jesus, Remember Me ( and Stay with Me (; both are from the Taize tradition and consist of a very singable, repeated refrain (no need to worry about any verses: repeat the refrain continuously and allow it to become a kind of meditation until stopping feels appropriate).

Return to this page when you come to the "Reflection" in your service; you'll find a sermon and Hymn of the Day below.

Sermon and Hymn of the Day