Giving Options

Supporting EPLC is Easy

There are several ways available for you to give in support of Edison Park's mission and ministry. It's important you know that the extent to which you give to the congregation is the extent to which we can do ministry. It's only through your generous and life-giving support that we can further God's mission in the world, and share God's love in Christ with others. Our congregation has been blessed with generosity since it's beginning.

Some of the ways to give:

Give or pay online by clicking here  

During worship offerings are collected by ushers or received in the baskets as you come forward for Holy Communion.

At the Giving Kiosk in the gathering area at the rear of the sanctuary. Here you may simply swipe your credit or debit card.

Setting up Direct Deposit with your bank as a regular gift to be sent to the church.

Using monthly bill pay at your bank, so that your offerings get sent as you wish.

Simply Giving is another method used by those who have accounts with Thrivent Financial.

Make a donation to the EPLC Foundation, a life-sustaining force of EPLC. Contact a Foundation member for information.

Many of these methods assure that your church has your financial support for ministry whether you are in worship, or while you are away for the weekend.

Contact Deacon Carole Edwards to help you set up the best way for you to give by emailing her here or by calling 773-631-9131 ext. 227.

Thank you!